Antipasto Chopped Salad


• Several heads crisp romaine - chopped washed & spun dry in a salad spinner

• your favorite garlicky Italian dressing

• freshly ground black pepper – generous amount

black or Kalmata olives pitted, drained & cut in half

• turkey pepperoni slices cut in quarters

• hearts of palm cut into slices

• marinated mushrooms cut into halves or quarters

• pepperoncini drained, seeds removed, & cut into slices

• string cheese cut into small rounds

• grated Swiss cheese

• capers 2-3 tsp. per person

• roasted red peppers from a jar

• marinated asparagus

• green olives

• artichoke hearts

• roasted garlic

• chopped pickles

• thinly sliced smoked ham or turkey

• boiled eggs quartered or whole tiny quail eggs


Chop a generous amount of all ingredients & store separately in the fridge to make the salad several times during the week.


To make a salad of any size, put desired amount of lettuce into a bowl that's big enough to toss ingredients. Add salad dressing & toss until the lettuce is well coated with dressing. Add other ingredients as desired & toss again. (Please don't skip the capers, which are one of the best things about this salad.) Season salad with a generous amount of freshly ground black pepper & serve on individual serving plates.