Basic Breakfast Casserole (no bread)

Brunch, Eggs


14 eggs
1-2 tsp. Spike Seasoning (or Creole Seasoning)
black pepper to taste
2-3 T sliced green onion
1 1/4 cups diced ham, Canadian bacon, turkey sausage, or other meat of your choice (precooked)
1 1/4 cups grated low fat cheese
6 oz. cottage cheese
10 oz. sauteed mushrooms, red pepper, broccoli, zucchini, or other veggies

Preheat oven to 375. Spray glass casserole dish with nonstick spray or olive oil. Dice meat and grate cheese. Saute any veggies you're using in a small amount of olive oil for 3-5 minutes (depending on what type of vegetable.) Harder vegetables like broccoli should be briefly boiled and drained well.

In bottom of casserole dish layer meat, veggies, green onions and cheese. Mix eggs with seasoning until whites and yolks are well combined. (Edit: eggs should be well combined, but not beaten together like for egg whites, just mixed with a fork. Add cottage cheese to egg mixture if using.) Pour eggs over meat/cheese mixture, then stir gently with a fork so that all the ingredients are evenly distributed in the eggs.

Bake until eggs are firmly set and top is lightly browned:
~30-35 minutes for 9X13 size pan