Frog Legs - Cajun Style


1 lb. frog legs skinned

flour well-seasoned

egg beaters

bread crumbs fine

2 juicy lemons or vinegar


• Wash frog legs thoroughly; cut with kitchen scissors to separate legs

• Place in plastic bowl with 2 tablespoons lemon juice or vinegar to every pound of frog legs, water, and cover with ice cubes;

• Let stand in fridge from 1-3 hours

• Rinse & dry with paper towels

• Roll in lightly salted flour

• Dip in beaten eggs or Eggbeaters
• Roll in fine bread crumbs

• Saute, turning once, in butter & olive oil, until a chestnut brown

• Serve at once, garnished with freshly minced parsley, if desired


Notes: Allow six small pairs of legs or three jumbo pairs per person