Frozen Lemon Curd & Yogurt Pie



1 oreo crumb pie crust

1 3/4 qts frozen vanilla yogurt fat-free

1 jar lemon curd


whipped cream in a can

melba sauce (currant jelly melted with raspberry jam)

chocolate sprinkles or shavings

strawberries halved


Soften frozen yogurt.
Spread half the yogurt in pie crust.
Freeze till firm -- if possible. Not a necessary step.
Dollop on half the lemon curd. Spread as much as possible.
Spread remaining yogurt on lemon curd & freeze again.
Dollop on remaining lemon curd & freeze until just before serving time.

To serve:
Squirt a dollop of whipped cream atop each slice.
Drizzle with melba sauce, & top with a few chocolate sprinkles, if desired.
Serve with half a strawberry on the side.


Use orange marmalade or seedless raspberry jam instead of lemon curd.