Idlelmore Hot Mulled Wine

Beverages, Alcohol


92 oz bottle Cranberry Cocktail Juoce

1/2 cup brown sugar

2-3 Tbsp mulling spice (Williams Sonoma)

1-2 bottles sweet red wine + any other wine you have

2-3 thick slices orange


Combine juice, brown sugar, orange and mulling spice and heat until it simmers.
Turn it to low and let it warm for at least 1/2 hour. Add wine and heat through. Serve nice and warm but don’t let it boil after the wine is added.

*Nothing has to be exact about this recipe. We often pour additional leftover wine into the mixture or extra wine of any type. The spices can be put into the mixture without the mulling ball but then you have to strain it. If there are leftovers (rarely happens but I often make extra) refrigerate. I keep bottles of this mulled wine on hand and heat single mugs full on those cold winter afternoons and nights when we need to get warm. We only prepare this mulled wine when it starts getting cold and consider it a reward for surviving cold winters while so many of our friends head south!!!!!

I make apple cider the same way but without the orange or wine.
Grandkids love it and it goes really great with popcorn when we have movies at the farm.

Lynda Spire