Leek, Potato & Blue Cheese Soup


6 leeks (white part only) thinly sliced

1 large onion finely diced

2 ribs celery finely diced

4 medium potatoes finely chopped

6 tablespoons butter

9 cups chicken stock

6 tablespoons crumbled bleu cheese


In a large heavy skillet, melt butter and gently cook or sweat the veggies until soft, without browning. Add chicken stock. Cook, 30 minutes, until all veggies are tender. Drain using a slotted spoon, and puree veggies in blender or food processor with some of the stock. Process until smooth, and return to saucepan. Add remaining stock, stir and heat to a boil.
To serve, season to taste, ladle into bowls and top with crumbled blue cheese.


Notes: Serve with Irish Brown Bread.