Orange Marmalade Salmon



Sockeye salmon fillet


salt & freshly ground pepper

orange marmalade

soy sauce


Preheat oven broiler. Cover rimmed cookie sheet w/ heavy foil. Spray foil & place salmon, skin down, on foil. Brush salmon w/ olive oil & salt lightly.

In small dish combine 2-3T. Orange marmalade with soy sauce (1 t.). Set aside.

Broil salmon till almost done. (not that long) remove from oven & brush heavily w/ sauce. Repeat sauce & return to broiler. Watch carefully or it will burn. Be careful to not broil salmon too long- it will dry out easily.

Remove from oven & remove skin.
Serve immediately.

Serve extra marmalade sauce at table in case it is too dry or just want more orange flavor.