Pozole - Benkelman Style


1 lb. low fat breakfast sausage

1 large or 2 med chicken breasts cubed

Williams chili seasoning packet

4 cups Chicken broth

2 cans green chilies

2 cans hominy drained

1 can Mexican beans or your choice (drained)

1 can diced tomatoes

Spinach leaves or kale chopped (opt)

Hot sauce or additional Williams to taste

GARNISH: scallions

tortilla chips

sour cream



Brown & crumble sausage; remove from pan.
Rub chicken with Williams seasoning.
Add oil to pan if needed, brown chicken slightly.
Add sausage back and cover with chicken broth. Simmer.
Add green chilies, hominy and beans + more broth to desired amount.
Simmer at least 20 minutes before adding greens.
Simmer and serve.
Garnish as desired.

I have also used diced chorizo (World Market – in package like pepperoni- it is Spanish not Mexican, fully cooked,) so just chopped fine, in place of sausage.