Salmon with Pesto & Tomatoes



Wild-caught Sockeye Salmon fillet center cut filets

Pesto homemade

chopped tomatoes fresh & well-drained

sprinkle LPM




Cut a piece of heavy foil large enough to wrap around each salmon filet.
Drizzle center of foil with a little EVOO.

Preheat gas grill about 5 minutes, with all burners on high.

Place each salmon fillet, skin side down, in center of foil on the EVOO.
Spread salmon with generous amount of pesto. Top pesto with chopped tomatoes, & sprinkle with a little LPM.
Seal foil tightly.

Meanwhile, toss fresh arugula with a little light Italian dressing or vinaigrette.
Place a generous pile of arugula in the center of each serving plate.

Place foil-wrapped salmon on hot grill & cook for 8 minutes on high. Turn off gas & leave on grill for 2 minutes longer.

Remove from grill, open foil & remove salmon, leaving the skin in the foil.
Place salmon filets atop the arugula & serve.