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Log: Pulled Pork With Bourbon Sauce

Pulled pork turned out great today. Smoked for 10 hours (overnight) at 225° on the RecTeq RT-700. I really love how satisfying it is to pull apart the pork shoulder when it’s completely cooked and so soft. The “Rib Rack Bourbon BBQ sauce” turned out really tasty, combined with the “Grilling Addiction” rub from Butcher BBQ. This is a good combination I would definitely smoke with again.

I cooked smoked acorn squash along with smoked and sautéed eggplant as sides, our friends tonight brought slaw and corn on the cob. I’ll be posting a video with instructions for the smoked eggplant recipe later.

The big experiment tonight was making my own pork sliders with “Mikey’s purple sweet potato and red beets tortillas.” (This was to avoid the carbs in bread.) These tortillas were awesome! Paired with the slaw the pulled pork in the tortillas was amazing, and I didn’t miss the Hawaiian rolls at all.If you have not already, check out my overnight pulled pork video from four months ago:

Overnight Pulled Pork with Memphis Style Slaw Sliders on the RecTeq RT-700 by Wesley Fryer

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BBQ Log book documentation:

  1. Before smoking: Added yellow mustard as a binder, generously sprinkled “Grilling Addiction Rub from Butcher BBQ” on all sides
  2. Smoked overnight about 6 hours till 165 degrees internal temp before wrapping.
  3. Wrapped by putting in a foil pan, adding several pats of butter as well as brown sugar.
  4. Generously covered with “Rib Rack Bourbon BBQ Sauce” before covering in foil.
  5. Smoked about 4 more hours until internal temp hit 190 degrees (I think it was more like 195).
  6. Put in a cooler, covered with towels, to rest several hours before removing and “pulling” before eating!
  7. Served with several sauces including Sweet Baby Rays Original BBQ sauce, Sweet Spirit Mild BBQ sauce, and Head Country Original BBQ sauce.

Final footnote: I took leftovers the next weekend up to my parents’ house in Manhattan, Kansas, and we enjoyed the pulled pork as part of our pre-football game tailgating at home menu. Mom said it was the best pulled pork she’d ever eaten! So I’m definitely cooking with this ingredient combination again! 🙂

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