Brisket prices are high, so why not smoke a chuck roast just like a brisket? That’s what I did today, and the results were great. I didn’t narrate the cook video this time, but did start with the best part: The requisite taste test by Rosie and Moose, our golden retrievers. They approved!

I was inspired for this cook by Jeremy Yoder (@MadScientistBBQ) and his November 2021 video, “Brisket prices are TOO high. Try this instead.”

I used Kosmos SPG and Cow Cover as my rubs, but let the SPG (salt – pepper – garlic) “set up” and sweat for 30 minutes before adding the second rub layer.

I smoked the chuck roast at 225 degrees for 8 hours, although I increased the temperature to 350 for the last 15 minutes because I needed to speed things up a little before our dinner time. Cook times were 5 hours naked before the wrap, then 3 more hours wrapped in beef tallow. I smoked some leftover picanha fat to make some beef tallow, which I poured on top of the chuck roast at the wrap. As usual I wrapped in butcher paper. Internal temperature was 195 / 200 after 8 hours.

I let the cooked chuck roast rest for 45 minutes wrapped in a towel, inside a cooler, before slicing and eating. I served this with roasted broccoli and sautéed spinach. Check out more photos from this cook on Flickr.

Check out my “visual storytelling style” video of this cook, it runs just 3.5 minutes long.

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