Grilled pork chops tonight smoked on the RecTeq RT-700, and my first time ever to smoke a butternut squash. This was the recipe I modified for the squash.

Both turned out pretty good, ideally I would’ve taken the pork chops off about 10 or 15 minutes earlier. They were a little drier than they need to be. (I cooked them for 60 minutes, they really needed just about 45 minutes at 350°.)

I thought the squash turned out really well, Shelly absolutely loved it and ate every single bite of hers. After cutting it in half with my super awesome chopping knife my mom gave me a few months ago, I brushed olive oil on both halves. I sprinkled generously with Traeger seasoning (garlic and chili powder,) drizzled lightly with some agave sweetener, and then sprinkled on a little ground cinnamon. Like I do with acorn squash, I wrapped just the flashy side and edge of the squash with foil. Smoked at 350° foil side down for an hour and a half. Turned out perfectly soft and delicious.

I may cook this again for Thanksgiving.

This was a butternut squash we bought at “The Fork in the Road” honor system grocery / produce store just outside Riley, Kansas, on Sunday. I think this butternut squash was actually from Missouri, however, based on the label.

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BBQ Log book documentation

  1. Pork chops were from Butcher Box and thawed overnight, seasoned with Traeger (garlic and chili pepper) rub on all sides. Rested on a wire rack for an hour prior to cooking.
  2. Butternut squash cut in half, seeds removed. Brushed with olive oil, seasoned with Traeger rub, lightly drizzled with agave, sprinkled with ground cinnamon.
  3. Cooked at 350 degrees, 1 1/2 hours for the butternut squash. Should have just cooked the pork chops 45 minutes, till internal temperature was 145 degrees. (Overcooked a little to 60 minutes / over 160 degrees.)

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