Here are some of my favorite rubs and seasonings I use for backyard barbecue as well as other dishes I like to cook. Most of these are available at Champion BBQ Supply here in Oklahoma City. The best source (because of supply chain issues I think) for Meat Church rubs is Buc-ees gas stations down in Texas.

Traeger seasoning (garlic and chili pepper) is my favorite on most vegetables I smoke, grill or sauté. It’s pictured on the right in the above photo, in a large container available at Costco. We love this on smoked / sautéed eggplant, salmon, roasted asparagus, roasted broccoli, roasted shishito peppers, smoked butternut squash, and more.

Meat Church Gospel Seasoning and Holy Gospel Rub are absolutely go-to seasonings, particularly wonderful on my favorite iteration of jalapeño poppers with either brisket or pulled pork. It’s also great on chicken, pork and salmon.

My most recent seasoning find and love is Texas Oil Dust Piggy Bank Pork & Rib Rub. This is AMAZING on chicken, pork ribs, and salmon. Really love this seasoning and flavor!

Another recent find thanks to my school colleague, Jill, is Kickin’ Chicken Finger Lickin seasoning. We’ve had this on both chicken breasts and thighs. Amazing and unique flavors.

When seasoning many different meats, including steaks, it’s a good idea to apply an initial layer of SPG (salt – pepper – garlic) and let that rub “set up” for at least 10 minutes before adding more seasonings. I’ve used Kosmo’s SPG, but I actually like the texture and application experience of BBQ Rubdown’s All Purpose Base Coat. BBQ Rubdown Sweet Heat Honey Pequin Rub (not shown) is excellent on pork and chicken.

When it comes to beef brisket, I’ve tried a BUNCH of different rub combinations, but nothing really beats just kosher salt and black pepper. You can add garlic to this mix (to get the traditional “SPG” combination) but many times I don’t. It’s definitely important to have a good supply of both granulated and minced (in the fridge) garlic on hand, however.

Oakridge Black Ops Brisket Rub is a highly touted brisket rub I’ve used several times. It’s tasty, but I don’t know that it’s head and shoulders above other options. Definitely worth trying, however.

For Thanksgiving turkey as well as whole chickens I like to spatchcock and smoke on the grill, Kosmos Q Dirty Bird Dry Rub is excellent. It’s best if you can either remove the skin of the bird you’re cooking, or loosen it so the rub can be directly applied to the meat. Sometimes I use a little olive oil as a binder, other times I don’t. It doesn’t seem to matter or make that much of a difference, from what I’ve tasted.

This last Christmas I used Rodelle Gourmet Prime Rub Seasoning for our holiday prime rib, which turned out AMAZING beyond all expectation. I used it with in own garlic butter rub, inspired by Hey Grill Hey, and I absolutely can’t wait to cook this again. In fact I don’t want to wait till next Christmas or New Years!

I bought this large jar of it at Costco awhile back.

I love using different flavors of Kosmos Q Wing Dust on chicken wings! Our favorites are Garlic Parm, Chili Lime and Lemon Pepper. Kosmos Smoke House Reserve Blend Injection is also good to use as a brisket injection to add flavor and increase meat moistness.

What are your favorite go-to seasonings and rubs I’ve left off my list? Please share them as a comment or reach out to me on Twitter at @wfryer or @cookwithwes.

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