Strogonoff 15 Min Beef Stroganoff

This is Clara Ward’s version of Beef Stroganoff, which Shelly likes in part because it includes Worcestershire sauce. She has more butter in her recipe, which always makes things more rich! Consider trying different elements of both versions of this recipe. Both are fantastic. “Clara Ward’s Beef Stroganoff” (CC BY 2.0) by Wesley Fryer

Black Bean Dip Black Bean Dip

Originally shared on our family learning blog in August 2009, as part of Sarah’s “International Cooking Show” project. This was perhaps the first cooking video I entirely recorded and published using an iPhone (the iPhone 3GS). I published this video to my own YouTube channel, but there are still 5 videos published to an “intcooking” …

Oven Baked Prime Rib Oven Baked Prime Rib

Our family has been enjoying prime rib as a holiday meal most years since 2011. Details about different cooking techniques (all oven-baked) are available in this past posts: Delicious Prime Rib (Dec 2011) Holiday Prime Rib (Dec 2013) Perfect Holiday Prime Rib 4.0 (Dec 2015) Best Christmas Dinner Ever: Prime Rib (Dec 2016)